February 27, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: 'Turbulence' by Samit Basu

This one zooms through at a quirky pace and is laced with action, romance, drama and even some tragedy. ‘Turbulence’ is a super-heroes novel and the reader almost has fun believing the facts about the narrow metropolitan cities of India which shelter super-human powers. The story deals with passengers on flight BA 142 London-Mumbai getting infected with super powers or rather their wishes come true as per what they dream. The powers reflect their innermost desires or longings in real life. Such a blessing however has major repercussions too, as some mysterious power searches for all the passengers who were aboard that cursed flight and puzzling disappearances start occurring.

So now you have survivors like Aman Sen, who uses his mind to connect to the Internet and break any communication barrier; Vir Singh, a flight lieutenant who can fly in the air and has an almost machine-like body; Tia, a housewife from Assam who can split into various forms; a sleep-walking scientist, who is working on some portable warrior machine; a boy, who has control over the climate around him; a school girl who morphs into a Japanese manga-like Ninja warrior, just like a tiger-man who’s with her; a magician who can create extraordinary illusions and many more along with a reporter, who has the power to smell out major happenings (or does she?) and Uzma Abidi, who ends up playing the real hero’s love interest but is blessed with a mysterious power too. And of course, there is a mysterious character that can control mobs and destroy everything in seconds. 

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Ben said...

This out and out fantasy is certainly a breezy and entertaining read. But I would be interested in seeing how this is interpreted on the silver screen. ( I believe a movie is on the cards.)

Faraaz Kazi said...

Yes, though Basu hasn't divulged details. Would be good though.The thing with books being made into movies is that something always remains behind in the adaptation.
Another Indian hero novel is 'Herogiri' by Mainak Dhar. You might want to try it. Will try reviewing it soon.

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