February 23, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins

 Suzanne Collins makes an impressive impact on the reader with 'The Hunger Games'. The story is about Katniss Everdeen, a gusty sixteen year old from district twelve, who is chosen to battle it out for survival along with twenty three other tributes (participants) in an annual competition called 'The Hunger Games'. 

The twelve districts are presided over by the Capitol and the games are arranged every year to remind the districts of their act of rebellion in the past and how it was quashed.And so each year two kids from each district are chosen to fight it out in the Hunger Games arena and survive watching the others die or killing them first. And to top it all, the entire thing is showcased LIVE on television like a reality show for the audience across the Capitol and the districts. With her accurate aim as a huntress and fiery temper, Katniss makes a formidable opponent in the games. 

It can be made out that the story is set into the future though certain things are out of place and remind us of the time gone by. Some high technology infrastructure, mutations and medicinal equipment give it the impression of being a sci-fi novel. Throw in some kisses and hugs and you have a romantic saga. 

The author maps the protagonist's changing heart accurately and her supposedly fixed affair with Peeta, her fellow tribute from District 12, is another limelight of the book. This is where the author leaves scope for her next one. Some scenes get graphic for the 'American young adult' tag but that doesn't take away anything from the story, keeping in mind the situation the protagonist is thrown in. I thought the author could have narrated it even better with the aid of multiple POVs and after sometime the environs and the story, both start sounding repetitive and dull. 

Only towards the middle from where only about seven-eight contestants remain does the real action start. But the emotional part keeps the story moving somehow. Kudos the the author for that! I say a 3.8/5!

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