August 21, 2011

Now let us open a new TAB

With all the travelling I do, I decided now was the time to get my hands on a portable working device. Smart phones however are just phones at the end of the day and I needed a suitable replacement for my heavy duty lappie, so I thought why not go for either a tablet or a netbook.

The latter didn't really fascinate me much as somehow I still needed to place it down. I wanted something that would give me the joy of holding it up in the air, for all to see. And so the tablet was the better option. With so many alternatives in the market, I was bamboozled by the technicalities of it all and decided to consult an engineer friend who pointed out the Samsung range of tablets.

Being one of the earliest companies to set the tablet revolution in India, Samsung recently launched their new tablet 'Galaxy Tab 750.' Who says first love is just reserved for us mortals? It very well applies to all the things around us and so it was that the moment I caught sight of the Galaxy Tab 750 that I was fascinated by the sheer beauty of it. Now this is going to grab eyeballs, I thought!
But of what use are looks if it can't give you performance? No, I didn't want to make a dumb blonde joke on myself. The 1280x800 WXGA TFT LCD makes all the colors of the rainbow come alive and freshen your senses.Weighing just a little over half a kilogram, this baby has a very appealing 10.1" wide screen to blow your senses and the Samsung Touchwiz UX interface makes it ooze with all that sex-appeal. Surely one object that you would love touching again and again ;)

Packed with 1GB DDR2 RAM and running on the Android Honeycomb OS (open source unlike Apple) with a 1Ghz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra-2 processor, this machine combines performance and play in a pleasant experience and provides easy multi-tasking and split view experience. The built-in 7000 mAh battery can give you up to 9 hours of continuous video playback (enough to watch three Bollywood movies back to back) and up to 72 hours of music (don't forget to take breaks in between). The Tab 750 supports Full HD video playback(1080p @ 30fps). The surround sound experience of the audio output makes it all the more exciting, especially while savoring the mentioned activities. The 3 MP auto-focus back camera comes with a LED flash and can give you HD video recording (720p). The 2 MP camera in front would come handy while chatting with your long distance friends, colleagues and families and make them seem like they are sitting right opposite to you.
The Samsung Hub provides access to the user to Social Hub (e-mail, IM and social networking sites), Music Hub (11 million tracks) and Reader Hub (over 2.3 million e-books, so who needs that Kindle now?) The Tab 750 comes packed with Google mobile services and access to android applications. The navigation GPS is an exciting treat for people on the go as it uses the latest Google maps service. And of course, for all you people who love to work on Office like we writers do, this machine comes loaded with the latest Polaris office for creating and editing documents, excel sheets and presentations with enhanced Clipboard functionality.  Seriously can't wait to write my next book now!

The rich Android browser makes web browsing a rich and friendly experience with the Adobe Flash player support. The drag and drop interface is really what makes the machine such an enriching experience. Social networking is taken to an all new level on this machine with the large 10.1" capacitive touchscreen (149 ppi) making your friends' pictures and videos come alive right in front of your noses. The 750 comes with HSPA +21(wow!), EDGE, GPRS and Wi-Fi and offers Bluetooth for seamless integration with other devices and for connectivity on the go. The 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack gives an incredible output and due to its standard size can be combined with most of the high performance 3.5" jack headphones available in the market today. And here comes the main plus point, being the thinnest and lightest large screen tablet available (with Samsung being the ace in cutting down the size and increasing performance in mobility devices, what more can you expect?) the Tab 750 offers you the experience of Live Panel so that updates of your choice are continuously refreshed on the home screen itself. With add-ons like the Keyboard case and the Dock station, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 becomes a force to reckon with and enhances the way you interact with this baby.

So still looking for that laptop or that netbook? With so many features and such a power packed performance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 definitely becomes one of the worthy contenders to rule the Indian Tablet market for a long time. This baby should be on your list when you go out there looking for a gadget, a companion!

With hugs and kisses to the Consumer,
The Young Marketer.