April 22, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: 'Trapped wings Open Sky' by Nisha Arppit

This is one of those stories that straight away get down to business. Sketching away tales of its secondary characters in the beginning, it introduces the protagonist, Preet somewhere in the early middle of the book. Preet, a small town girl with big dreams in her eyes, went gone against her family wishes and decided to obtain an MBA and then landed up a big, fat corporate job. This is the story of an average girl and her quest for discovering her true identity in life. Preet thinks she can manage everything on her own pretty well, that she's grown up and mature enough to do so.

 And then start life's challenges. With lecherous seniors, hard to meet targets,  a wavering love life and a boss that seems hell bent on finding excuses to humiliate her, Preet faces it all and surprisingly, stands tough. Both of her room mates have their own problems in life. One has a boyfriend who is cheating on her and the other can't seem to trust in relationships and ends up attempting suicide. And Preet like a true friend s there for both of them even though their behaviour towards her has been anything but friendly in the beginning.

 Aman, her colleague and crush from her workplace gives her mixed reactions to the fact that she adores him completely. Preet's helping nature, true friendship, trust in relationships, believe in love and a hope of a better future are aspects that are nicely portrayed in the story. The author delivers some deep messages and she does it without getting philosophical, in fact through little incidents in the protagonist's life and that forms the USP of this book. The characterisation is decent and the only major flaw is the editing in some areas, for example substituting 'ask/tell' for 'say'. The author has a wonderful expressive narrative, combining both, first person POV's and third person POV's. This is a book about life, as it is, complete with the little blessings and little challenges, we all face. Nothing fanciful, not even fiction perhaps as such things happen daily around us, in the society that we live.

A quick read, it tends to portray some amount of negativity and a little confusion in parts and pieces but overall, a promising book that might show us the way to live our 'taken for granted' lives. It does manage to bring a smile on your face as you turn over the last page. I would go with a 3/5 for this breezy read.

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Anonymous said...

‎"A book written well, with characters interesting enough to get quite a hang of, this debut novel by the author has got tremendous capability to make readers like it thoroughly."

My review of 'Trapped Wings, Open Sky' on my blog 'Between The Lines': http://unpublisho.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/book-review-trapped-wings-open-sky-by-nisha-arppit/

- Bastab Chakraborty

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